EPIK Dance Company is a nonprofit street-fusion dance company that combines classical training (like contemporary, jazz, and modern) with urban disciplines (like hip hop, breaking, and locking) to provide all people an opportunity to experience the benefits of dance and the arts through public education, performances, and community enrichment.


EPIK Dance Company hopes to use public performances and educational outreach to foster an appreciation of dance that encourages society the support dance-related programs in education and community programming.


  • Education – to provide learning opportunities for people to learn and grow in both classic and urban dance styles
  • Community – to engage the community to enjoy and appreciate artistic offerings
  • Diversity – to demonstrate that all people have the ability and the right to participate in dance as either an audience member or an artist themselves.


EPIK Dance Company:

  • Presents classes, residencies, performances, and other forms of outreach to encourage comprehensive educational programs of all levels and skill sets to the community
  • Broaden the public’s exposure to dance and the performing arts by providing works that display technical excellence and artistic integrity, while remaining accessible to all audiences.
  • Utilizes and encourages diversity within their company and within their public works through the creation of interdisciplinary art that utilize a fusion of technical and urban disciplines, presented by dancers who represent a variety of age, sex, cultures and training backgrounds
  • Fosters artistic collaboration within itself, and through collaborations with other local artists

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