Tyler ‘Tara Singh’ Bell

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Bentonville, AR

EPIK Member Since:


Tyler “Tara Singh” Bartell is a radiant artist and embodiment of universal truth. Tara has discovered his personal legend to reach and uplift the world through dance, Kundalini Yoga, and Hip Hop music. A lifetime love for hip-hop culture inspired Tara to begin taking hip-hop and ballet classes. At 16, he began competing with Infiniti Dance Company and performing with Classical Ballet Academy in Bentonville, Arkansas. During these years, he frequently traveled to Memphis to teach workshops and collaborate with the innovators of Memphis Jookin’.  It is here where he solidified his foundation in fusion dance, merging krump, jookin’ and popping with his classical ballet training. In 2010 Tara moved to Phoenix and took his first yoga class. By 2011 he had completed his Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training course, and had become the Hip Hop Director at Phoenix Dance Academy. In 2013, he began taking EPIK’s open company classes and immediately felt like a member of the family. In January of 2014 Tara was invited and honored to join EPIK and the Be Kind Crew. Motivated by his family of dancers, he continues to pursue a life filled with performing, teaching, and inspiring others.

“What is the purpose of life? To elevate ALL, big or small”