Vo Vera



Sedona, Arizona

EPIK Member Since:


Vo Vera pursues life as the conscious discovery of and connection to self, by way of creative, dynamic and expressive movement. Starting in 2001 as a street-dancing Bboy, he has added to his versatility over the years, training and performing in a variety dance styles. His interest in fusing various movements into performance art has matured into a passionate contribution toward inspiring the people and healing the world. Vo’s heart-path continues to give opportunity–currently, with professional groups including EPIK, The Be Kind People Project and The Sacred Gs. Choreographer, instructor, and student, this sacred movement warrior interlocks the intuitive with the technical, the ancient energy of ghost dancing with freestyle urban movement, hand balancing, acrobatics and yoga.

Body is my medium for inspiration; in motion and in stillness, in space and in each moment, it becomes my sport, my canvas, my meditation.”