Michael Chase “Zoom” Bell


Los Angeles, CA

EPIK Member Since:


Chase “Zoom” Bell has been dancing since age 6. Although he played sports all through high school, he has always been a dancer at heart. His passion for dance took off after he graduated and landed his first pro gig as a Phoenix Mercury Hip Hop dancer, in which he completed 4 years. He then moved on to dance for the Phoenix Suns Solar Squad which he also completed 3 years. Zoom has been with the Phoenix NBA & WNBA for 7 consecutive years. His pro career also consists of touring with the world famous HarlemGlobetrotters. He loves being a part  of, and well integrated into the top fusion dance company, EPIK Dance, where he is cross trained in all styles of dance and performs with the Be Kind Crew for students K-8. He credits Krista Walker, Luis “Weezy” Egurrola, and Sara “Saza” Dimmick as being his mentors, who have pushed and inspired him in his dancing career as well as his personal life. Dancing for Chase has become more then just a career, but a life changing opportunity to discover and express himself freely.